Graphic Design & Illustration

Chris Luebke

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My interests are focused towards coming up with new concepts and designing new material. I am creative and can handle complications, I am always eager to learn new things and will put my full effort into any project I work on.

STX Lacrosse Brochure

STX is one of the largest manufacturers of lacrosse equipment today. Started in 1970, STX had the first and only synthetic stick used to score goals in the first NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship. My goal with this project was to incorporate new Photoshop techniques to give this brochure a technical, modern, and fast look; just like their brand.

Kettle Range Meat Company Branding

The Kettle Range team is full of Midwestern family farmers and producers who raise animals according to the highest standards and time-honored traditions. For this project, I incorporated the pride Kettle range takes in the history of farming and butchering combined with a modern look. This was done by blending vintage photos and illustrations with a modern logo and a stylized typeface.

Beersmith App Redesign

Beersmith is the number one ranked app for home brewers. It’s used to simplify the brewing process, search for recipes, and share your brewing experiences. For this project, I combined Beersmiths intentions of simplifying the brewing process with a sophisticated yet approachable design.