Graphic Design & Illustration

Gary Alan Naud

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dabbler, doodler, designer

Beautiful Insides

I have a fondness for macabre art, and so I used the access to our wonderful print lab to create a series of three screenprinted posters that celebrate our "inner beauty." Only in these, that beauty is somewhat more tangible and floral. I hand-drew the elements, then ink-traced and scanned them for digital arrangement before moving onto the screenprinting process itself.

Dragonball & Dodgeball

These snippets of motion work that I've made express a pair of long-time enjoyments of mine: anime and the illustrious sport of dodgeball (which I coached for several years on campus, and have coached children in my teaching job for years beyond that). I wanted to show some of the variety of styles I've learned to work under, including vector-assembled pixel art and hand-drawn and textured character art done in the style of mid-century educational filmstrips.

Aspicable Treats

There's something charming about the gelatinous and sometimes disgusting food known as aspic, and I wanted to capture that charm with some pop-art-influenced design elements and digital halftoning. These magazine spreads give plenty of room for the jello to shine and jiggle, so to speak, vegetables and meats and every gross ingredient included.

Edgewater Website Design

I love finding ways to incorporate handmade elements into a lot of my digital work, so this design for the Edgewater used several painted swishes to give the site a watery and textured feeling. I garnished the site with some art deco influenced frames and menu options in an effort to add some classy juxtaposition.