Visual Communications

Andrew McDonald

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I am the second oldest of 8 brothers. I started learning Tae Kwan Do before I entered my first career field for criminal justice. I received my Bachelors degree at Herzing University. I have a passion for writing, directing and editing. I attended MATC to combine my career interests. This is what I know I can do, I'm not gonna be just another entertainer but a guide, that's what my work will bring.

Lifeline 2, episode 1

You lie in a hospital bed in a coma, you dream/flashback of you and Rio escaping the JSL Hotel and then blacking out after crashing to earth, what happened to Rio is she still alive and where's your girlfriend Naomi, what happened to her, only one way to find out.

Kids of the Round Table

Creator Robert Tinnell returns to the world of his popular film, KIDS OF THE ROUND TABLE. Kevin is a normal middle school kid who suddenly finds himself encountering the legendary wizard Merlin - and discovers he has a destiny that involves King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, and grave danger in the form of the king's greatest enemy!

Metal Gear Solid Aftermath Fight or Die

You arrive home after a long day at work when an intruder attacks you. I did the choreography and assisted in the photography as well