Emily Kirch

Graphic Design & Illustration

Robin Williams once said, “You’re only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you’re nothing.” I believe everyone could take something from those words - have fun, take risks, try new things - and most importantly, never settle. I never knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up,” but I knew that I wanted to create art. I love art in every aspect of the word, particularly graphite and ink mediums. Now that I’m an adult, and I say that in the loosest of terms possible, my work has grown in a variety of platforms from complex photo manipulation in Photoshop to eye-capturing animation in After Effects. I confront tasks with confidence and an open mind, never afraid to exercise that “little spark of madness” I was given.
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Ad Series - Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka is a brand of spirits founded in Canada by actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander in 2007. I began with photographing the bottle, after that I brought it into Photoshop where I rendered the elements escaping from each skull.

  • Skills: Photography, Image Manipulation, Typography
  • Software: D3200 Nikon Camera, Photoshop, InDesign
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Beer Beast

Rogue Ales is a brewery founded in Ashland, Oregon. Rogue has been an icon in the microbrewery industry since 1988; they even farm their own ingredients and cooper their own barrels! I began with a detailed pen and ink illustration, after which I brought it into Photoshop to apply the patchy color job. The result, a fictional beer flavor dripping with character.

  • Skills: Illustration, Color Application, Typography
  • Programs: Pen & Ink, Photoshop
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The Raven

Poems are one of my favorite go-tos for inspiration, and those of Edgar Allan Poe are no exception. This two-color chapbook is a compilation of his literary work paired with stylized silhouettes made in Illustrator.

  • Skills: Layout, Typography, Illustration
  • Programs: InDesign, Illustrator
Bloodborne Title Remake

  • Skills: Motion Design
  • Programs: After Effects
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