Jessie Bennett

Graphic Design & Illustration

Hello I'm Jessie Bennett I have had an interest in art from a young age and desire to work in a field of creativity. I enjoy thinking outside the box but keeping in mind what my client is looking for. I try to pull inspiration from the world around me from clothing to nature in order to create eye pleasing designs.
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Cupcake Catalog

Here is a catalog from Gigi Cupcakes located in Madison Wi. This catalog was a self initiated project with sourced images.

  • Skills: Layout, Photo Manipulation
  • Software: Illustrator, Photoshop
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Sojourner's Journey

This website is an on going project not only for class but a website design for a non-profit organization ran by my Aunt in Monroe County Wi to help individuals' struggling with substance abuse and or homelessness.

  • Skills: Layout, Typography, Website Design
  • Programs: Illustrator
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Awareness Poster

I chose to create a poster to bring awareness and to normalize breastfeeding in our society and as a mother myself I felt a connection to this piece.

  • Skills: Illustration, Typography
  • Programs: Illustrator
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Product Photography

I was tasked with finding a series of objects in my house and stage these objects and photograph them and then make them into an Ad series.

  • Skills: Photography, Photo Styling, Typography
  • Programs: Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign
Pink Icons

I designed these icons for an app assignment, we needed to choose a company and design an app with new icons.

  • Skills: Illustration, Layout, App Design
  • Programs: Illustrator
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