Sara Albrecht-Chubrilo

Graphic Design & Illustration

If you see my eyes get big and my hands become animated, it’s probably because I’m learning something new. I’m hard wired with a cat on caffeine-like curiosity that makes me want to turn over all the stones and reflect on what I’ve discovered. I love the front end of the creative process, as well as the very end where all the little details and polishing work really bring a piece together. When not doing design work, I enjoy experimenting with new cake recipes, learning about illustration, exploring floral design websites and laughing at Jon Klassen books.
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This imagined coffee company was created by combining my love for small-batch roasted coffee and the moon. I wanted the design to have an artisan feel and a unique design element. My inspiration for the name and design came from a book I love by Kelly Barnhill titled, “The Girl Who Drank the Moon.”

  • Skills: Concept // Logo // Branding // Package Design // Hand-Painted Illustration
  • Programs: Photoshop // Illustrator // Gouache
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Eastern Leaf | Small Catalog

Eastern Leaf is a Zen gardening retailer and nursery specializing in Bonsai trees.
The layout for this catalog was created to evoke a sense of calm, balance and flow.

  • Skills: Concept // Layout
  • Programs: Photoshop // InDesign
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Passion Project | Children's Board Book

“So many toys need to be put away for kitten to take a nap. Will everything get cleaned up in time?”

  • Skills: Concept // Story // Character Design // Illustration // Layout
  • Programs: Brush Pen // Wax Pastel // Photoshop // Lots of Sticky Notes
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