Courtney Butts

Visual Communications

My name is Courtney, but you already knew that. Growing up I have always been into video/video production. Watching YouTube 24/7 really got me interested in creating my own content. I bought my first video camera when I was 18 and I haven’t put it down since. I started recording everything and anything. I even created my own YouTube channel (its private, I won’t ever make you watch that disappoint). I'm very excited to see where my Visual Communications degree will take me in life. I hope you stick by me and watch me grow into the videographer I’ve always imagined to be.
Demo Reel

Final video of my Visual Communications Degree!

  • Skills: Recording, editing
  • Programs: Adobe Premiere
The Dog Hut Interview

Had to find a place to interview. I chose my old job working at a doggy daycare. I interviewed my boss and one of my co-workers. I also showed some of the dogs and what the place looks like on the inside.

  • Skills: Recording, editing
  • Programs: Adobe Premiere pro

Animation I made for my Motion Design class.

  • Skills: Animation
  • Programs: After Effects
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