Logan Enerson

Visual Communications

I'm Logan, I grew up in a small town in Northern Wisconsin called Rhinelander, home of the Hodag! I have a passion for storytelling and an equal one for the visual medium, both are things that have influenced my life greatly and continue to do so. I sometimes take a more unconventional approach in hopes of bringing viewers a new experience, or just to make them laugh. My primary focus is on telling a compelling story, no matter the genre or tone, and I would like to think that is reflected in my work.
Demo Reel

This is a sample of my work showing my abilities in lighting, shot composition, editing, and storytelling.

  • Skills: directing, cinematography, editing
  • Programs: Adobe Premiere Pro

This is short I made of my own volition, inspired my distaste for obnoxious chewing.

  • Skills: Screenwriting, cinematography, editing, sound design, foley, directing
  • Programs: Adobe Premiere pro, Adobe Audition
A Campbell's Love Story

  • Skills: Directing, editing, screenwriting
  • Programs: Adobe premiere pro
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