Visual Communications

Stuart Reed

Videographer, editor and photographer. I started my videography business - SIReed Enterprises LLC and enjoy being a freelance designer. My interests are wildlife and candid shots of life. I apply time lapse effects to shots in nature and nighttime photography and videography. I am well versed in editing and create unique “in camera” effects to the content I produce.

Traffic Time Lapse

A road trip Oxford Wisconsin to Madison Wisconsin. Transitioning from bad weather to good. Showing the possibilities for travel and brighter that things to come. Filmed in 4k, at five second intervals for the time lapse effect edited out the windshield wipers and added Premier Pro effects.

Making Bacon Wrapped Chicken

This Video is a “how to with” making bacon wrapped chicken. Even with the tight area constraints I was able to accomplish this presentation via a multi-light using both LED and halogen lights with a reflector. Along with using a multi-camera set up a Sony video camera and a Canon DSLR. Edited down for time.

Demo Reel

This is the culmination of my studies at Madison College. This demo reel showcases videos that I have made involving time-lapse, motion graphics, editing and audio. Along with some out of class.

Cloud Time Lapse

A 180 degrees pan time lapse of clouds and an evergreen tree filmed using an Akaso action camera at 4K settings at 5 second intervals on a clockwork rotating base attached to a tripod.

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