Graphic Design & Illustration

Chong Liu

I believe there is always, always another better idea for your greatest design work.

Car Design in 100 Days

The idea starts with one-hundred-day creativity exercise. I originally start drawing different car parts in my sketchbook for each day during 100-day period, at end of this exercise there are enough parts in my sketchbook that could assemble a whole car, therefore, a final bigger drawing that consist all the parts I drew for the past three month comes to my mind. At the end with the help from illustrator this drawing which show the body part of the car or mechanic part of car is represents in these technical drawing.

Avocado Magazine Spread

With the popularity of Avocado, this article is written to inform everyone the benefit of avocado, the history of the trending fruit and the best recipe for avocado salad that we gathered from popular site. About the design, designer is trying to keep the page simple and clean, all the content across the page is evenly distribute to make whole page easy to read.

Title of Image
LILIKOI smoothie shop branding

LILIKOI in native Hawaii language means “Passion Fruit”, the idea behind branding is trying to bring the refreshing, healthy, and nutritious smoothie that made from juicy Hawaii fruit to Las Vegas City. The colorful beverage matches the city’s nightlife perfectly, and the smooth and refreshing taste of smoothie fit city’s dynamic personality greatly. Therefore, Bright color and Neon Light is brought to logo design.

Alchemist logo

We take raw elements like light & shadow, 0’s & 1’s,
time & sound, line & color, and make them communicate.
We create, we transform.
We make people feel, learn, think, sit up, and pay attention.
We are brilliant, talented, and skilled.
We are alchemists.

Alchemist Creative