Graphic Design & Illustration

Eric Felt

Hello! I am Eric Felt, a graphic designer hailing from the Madison area. Design and illustration play an important role in my life and I hope my designs enhance the lives of those around me.

Title of Image
Jordan's Big Ten Pub

Jordan’s Big Ten Pub is a tailgating staple in Madison. however, their current branding doesn’t quite give you the feel of what a magical place it is on gameday. My redesign is representative of the reason why most people frequent Jordan’s; college sports.

Mary's Breakfast and Bloodies

Open intoxicants and waffles, sounds like a perfect start to the day. At Mary’s you can knock out all your Saturday morning cravings in one fell swoop. Breakfast and alcohol, Ron Swanson would be proud.

How to Make $100 an Hour as a Musician

I designed an online-only book cover for musician and author Cole Dockter. He wanted it to feel modern and elegant. Although the book is online-only he wanted it to look as though it was a traditional book. I used an eye-popping green color to reinforce the idea of making money.

Alchemist logo

We take raw elements like light & shadow, 0’s & 1’s,
time & sound, line & color, and make them communicate.
We create, we transform.
We make people feel, learn, think, sit up, and pay attention.
We are brilliant, talented, and skilled.
We are alchemists.

Alchemist Creative