Graphic Design

Nicole Zinkel

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As a visual person, I have always felt I was molded by the world around me. I’ve always subconsciously evaluated and tailored my environment to give me the most aesthetic pleasure. I believe graphic design has given me the opportunity to extend these practices into my work and not only change the way that I see things, but form the way the world is perceived by everyone.


Yomia is a music teaching service that wants to make a fun and entertaining experience to anyone that wants to learn music. I designed the logo based on the keys of the piano, and used three bright colors to have an upbeat and high energy atmosphere.

The Last of Us Poster

The Last of Us is a horror-survival game that has a high praise for its story. I created a poster that would capture the feelings you get while playing the game.

Loot Crate Ad Series

Loot Crate is a subscription box service that provides quality, geek goods. I designed this ad series to have a bright and fun feeling and photographing actual products from the service.