Graphic Design

Gretchen Buss

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I have always enjoyed art from a young age and have been told I have a great eye for detail. I was first introduced to graphic design back in high school and grew a liking for it. I realized around graduation I wanted to expand my knowledge on it. So I entered the graphic design program and now here I am turning that liking into an exciting career.

Maple Mountain Trail Mix

Maple Mountain Trail Mix is a trail mix company that I drew up and branded. I created stationery, photographed the packaging and posted the photographs on social media. I went with a rustic theme to connect with the companies prospective customers, wanderlust travelers and outdoorsman.

Cabela's Fishing Catalog

I decided to go with one of my favorite companies for a catalog and created a cover and two inside spreads. I chose fly fishing for the the two inside spreads because it is such an interesting hobby. On the first page, I made a fly fishing tips page, and on the second page I am promoting a nice pair of waders you can wear while fly fishing.

Dirty Laundry Album Cover

For my album cover, Carrie Underwoods song Dirty Laundry gave me the inspiration to do a photoshoot of a 'break-up scene' for the cover. The photoshoot was my favorite part of this project. The font I chose was silent reaction in which I thought resembled a signature.