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Amy Mills

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The daughter of a builder and an artist who grew up backstage in the heart of Dixie, that's me, Amy E Mills. Why are those things important? Because when you combine a passion for making things by hand, a blue color work ethic, a love of language, and just hint of twang you get a designer steeped in creativity. My path to graphic design was not a straight one, but every misstep, side road, and off shoot has lead me here today and here is exactly where I'm meant to be.


Canvas is a stripped down weather app designed for people who simply want to know what kind of shoes to wear and if they need an umbrella. But delivering simple information doesn't have feel simplistic, Canvas uses cool colors and soft textures so that no matter what is happening outdoors the weather is always beautiful.

Lonesome Stone Milling

Lonesome Stone is a company near and dear to my heart. Owned and operated by a former yoga student, I wanted to design a label system that reflects his big quirky personality. I also wanted it to be cost effective and easy to manufacture because they do all the packaging and labeling themselves.


When asked to breathe life into a custom kayak company I had little to draw on. So, I imagined a company that embodies everything I love about Wisconsin\'s landscape, working with your hands, paying tribute to old craftsmanship, and building community, and I named it WATERSHED. I created an elemental logo and branding system to look both elegant and accessible while paying homage to the land and waters of Wisconsin.