Graphic Design

Collin Strang

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I have always loved art, it is something I am truly passionate about and allows me to express myself. As a kid I loved to draw, but as I got older I grew more and more attached to other forms of art and eventually found myself doing graphic design. I learned a variety of techniques that helped improve my artistic skills and I began to notice how much I had changed as an artist and designer. Graphic design has really transformed my life, every day is an adventure full of laughter, excitement and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Homegoods - Bring your personality to Life

I created this HomeGoods webpage because it is a great place to shop and get helpful tips on how to bring your personality to life at home.

Chanel Perfume Ad

I created this perfume ad for a company called Chanel, I used the name of a perfume that is one of their best sellers.

Forever Home Catalog

After seeing my parents design their dream home I decided to use photos of their new home to create a catalog for families interested in building the perfect home they can enjoy forever.

Lucky's Furry Companions

Lucky\'s Furry Companions is an imaginary pet sitting/dog walking business. I created fun give aways for pet owners and stationary for the pet sitting business.
piece five

Interior Design Piece

I used a blend of bright colors to create interior design chair ads for Madison College.