Graphic Design

Nicholas Bauer

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I have always been gifted with creative talent and enjoyed expressing it throughout my adolescence. Following high school, I studied architecture in Milwaukee. After exhausting my pursuit of architecture, I became interested in graphic design. Graduation from Madison College is the next major step towards accomplishing my goal of working professionally in design.

Hickory Row

When I drew the prompts “Small Furniture” and “Southern U.S.”, I envisioned a small company out of the Ozark Valley in Arkansas, who craft butcher blocks out of hickory wood. I wanted the brand to project the product as unique, elegant, and of the finest quality. The typical autumn colors in the Ozark Valley inspired the final colors of the brand.

Dickten-Masch Plastics

The importance of checking one’s oil and changing old oil is somewhat of a boring topic, yet I set out to combine beauty and utility in this brochure. The problem was then how to discuss dipsticks, the tools used to check engine oil levels and quality. The concept combined engine blueprints with public-domain circulatory system drawings, to bring to life the imperative to "Monitor Your Engine's Lifeblood”.

Sunshine Showers Soap

A superimposed tiger mounted atop homemade soap bars, with splashes of jungle elements representing a company from Wisconsin? Yes, that is my concept for a Sunshine Showers Soap Company website. The imagery expresses the idea that this company does not use ingredients that lead to deforestation. The message is that our rainforests and our hygiene can coexist.

Jazz Fest 1959

A rich and unique aspect of American culture gave me the idea to create a title sequence for a jazz festival in the year 1959. The shapes were inspired by classic jazz posters, and the performing artists were lead jazz musicians from that year, who I pulled together to make a lineup for the three-day event.

High Country Electric

High Country Electric of Poynette, WI was in need of a rebrand, as many service companies are. The business name derives from their original location in Castle Rock, CO. The updated logo incorporates the highlands from the company’s past, and the unique element of the power line helps to brand the business as a standout from others.

American Farmland Trust

An ad series with the message that the U.S. is losing two farm acres per minute, with many American consumers turning to imported, packaged food. The natural furrow made by a plow has been transformed into the digital lines of a barcode to symbolize the fact we are losing the farmland we need for local, natural food. The message from the American Farmland Trust is to urge change in our urban development habits.