Graphic Design

Devan Brekke

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Totes Umbrella Ad Series

This project simulated being the art director in addition to being the graphic designer. I worked with a student in the photography program to create an ad series and social media outlet for Totes umbrellas. This brand already has a unique sense of humor, using a bright blue background and mannequins in their advertising. In keeping with that voice, I opted to use paper cutouts and well-known phrases to illustrate that their umbrellas are built to last. I concepted this project, built the cutouts, art directed the photoshoot, and composited the photographic elements in post.

Coloring Book Pages

These hand-drawn illustrations feature an exploration of line weight to create interesting, colorable spaces in a variety of styles. All illustrations were made as ink drawings which were then scanned into photoshop to be cleaned and repositioned as needed.

Pine Bread Co.

Pine Bread Co. is a fictitious bread retailer owned by husbands Mike and Eric Magnus, situated in the Highlandtown district of Baltimore, MD. Operating with a wood-fire oven, they make delicious bread that skips the use of preservatives and chemical junk. Acting as both client and creative, I fully branded and equipped this company with collateral I thought would be fitting for a bread retailer to have. This includes uniforms and packaging as well as an online presence to assist in attracting future customers via instagram. layout