Graphic Design

Zane Rego

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Creative problem solving, a unique perspective, along with an eye for design made graphic design a perfect career choice. For me, creating a concept is the most exciting part of graphic design. My goal is to give someone a unique experience every time they see my work. Finding unique ways to use or see design is what drives my creative process. I enjoy using technology in my work and in my hobbies. When I'm not designing, you'll find me playing board games with friends and family and eating as many chicken wings as possible.

Northwestern Mutual Informational Brochure

Taking control of your finances might seem like a mountain in the way of life. This brochure for Northwestern Mutual is a friendly way to get people interested in investing in their financial future and getting over that mountain. A clean and modern design gives this brochure its friendly feeling. Wanting to make finances more approachable is what drove my concept and design.

Youth Smoking PSA Series

My concept of creating shocking visual hybrids was the best way to bring attention to the issue of youth smoking in this PSA series I created for Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Shooting my own photography and using my Photoshop skills was how I was able to bring my concept to life in the most effect way.

Custom Jordan Web Ad Series

A brand so clean and slick meets my painterly paintings to create a web ad series and website to promote a fictional site where you can customize Air Jordans and buy them. I wanted to use the bright inviting colors in my painting to my advantage in the web ads to pull someones interest. The shoes are already works of art and the site concept would let people make a shoe as unique as they are.