Graphic Design

Tyler Miles

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I have always been a more creative individual, stemming as far back as making and selling crayon designed bracelets in 2nd grade. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Madison, WI shortly before high school and absolutely love the city\'s atmosphere. Once here, I started to pursue my creativity and eventually landed at Madison College. My favorite things to design are advertisements, branding identities, and logos. Outside the world of art, I enjoy kayaking on Lake Mendota, cooking, and relaxing with a local craft beer.

To Preserve and Protect

WWF PSA created to shine light on the extinction of certain animals throughout the world. This advertisement utilized skills of photo treatment, use of white space, and typography.

Espresso Royale

A self initiated logo design and branding identity for coffee shop Espresso Royale. Using the correct typography, photo treatments, and color, I created a more modern and creative feel to their brand.


"Imprint" is a pitched theme for the Madison College Student Portfolio Show for the graduating class of Spring 2018. This theme embodies the imprint we have created on our field of design. Imprint\'s youthful identity truly shines through it\'s typography placement, bright color scheme, and simplistic aesthetic.

Biotechnology Student Symposium

Established a creative yet appropriate identity branding for Madison College’s Biotechnology Student Symposium with the use of typography layout and photo manipulation.