Graphic Design

Liza LaCrosse

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I have always had a passion for art, so when the opportunity arose for me to enroll in the Graphic Design program, I welcomed it. My primary goal is to learn everything I can to become as good of a designer and illustrator as I can be, and I look forward to continuing to develop my abilities beyond graduation. The process of taking a design opportunity and building the final product through hard work is always a reward. When I’m not designing or finding inspiration in the smallest details, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, watching videos, or water activities.

Baraboo Wine Walk

This event brings a lot of guests to the downtown area and what better way to increase interest than to provide some original advertising. Blending the concept of walking the streets and drinking beverages, I photographed and assembled these images into a unique visual. This minimalistic poster is accompanied by retail bags, mailers, and an engaging social media post.

Special Hers Responsive Web Page Design

Antique graphics are paired with floral imagery to create a stunning visual for this site. The colors and textures were all selected to support the hero image and display products in a unique way that allows consumers to engage with the attire. Included in the client’s website is a social media campaign to increase interactions with the dress store.


Drawing is a passion of mine, and various forms of media are provided in this little gallery. Attention to detail, the ability to realistically replicate an image by hand, and color use are all on display.

ARMY Heat Management App

This app was created to alert users of unsafe heat conditions and minimize risk by following the Army’s WBGT standards to calculate work/rest intervals as well as hydration. The original design is based on current brand guidelines, but further conception was done to create icons, an app logo, and wireframes that maintained brand consistency.

Toxic Thoughts: Depression Awareness PSA

Intense visuals that create awareness was the driving force behind this ad series. Combining portraits and key word elements enhanced with effects that develop a mood to support the material presented strengthens the message behind the campaign.

Cents Make Sense Children’s Book

Pairing education with design, this book was concepted, written, and illustrated to be provided as an early education tool that is interactive, fun & helps children beginning to learn the importance of saving and how money works.