Graphic Design

Liz O'Neil

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Born in Pennsylvania, raised in New York, with roots in Rhode Island. I have always been an artistically curious creature. After high school, I attended the University of Rochester where I studied creative writing, theater production, human psychology, and studio art. I moved to Wisconsin in 2014 and began working at Murfie, a music streaming service. After a year, my creative energy was ready to burst. It was time to study graphic design.


Homepage concept for online fashion store. It focuses on fashion as a force to inspire young people to express their unique selves. It incorporates bright colors and rough paint strokes to evoke the fun, creative energy of expressing individuality through fashion. Web Design/Collage/Painting.


PSA for net neutrality. It focuses on the internet as a platform for uncensored media and free speech. Black and white photography establishes a serious tone and allows the loading icons to stand out. Concept Development/Graphic Design


Paddywax is a candle manufacturing company. This ad campaign promotes their "Library Collection". The campaign focuses on the power a scent has to tell a story. The Edgar Allan Poe collection references "The Raven". Photography/Art Direction