Graphic Design

Katt Adams

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I have been creative all my life, always looking for the next new thing to make. Finding graphic design was the perfect fit, as it allows me to create and learn new skills. I am looking to focus on “design for good” as I am passionate about our world, from the people within it to the planet we live on. On my quirky side, when it is time to relax I enjoy being a maker in the steampunk and renaissance genres. I am also starting to experiment with 3D printing. Traveling to experience different cultures is something I always jump at the chance to do.

Seeds of Change Packaging Design

Seeds of Change was looking to update their brand imagery to a more modern look while maintaining a link to their past. I used hand drawn vegetables, soft colors and a simple frame to achieve this feeling. Font choices were made to balance the longevity of the brand while also leaving space for lengthy instructions.
Market research - art direction - illustration - photo manipulation - copy editing.

Ditzy Dog Bakery Brand Development

The creative brief for this project focused on developing the branding identity for a new specialty dog treat business. Ditzy Dog Bakery is a small, boutique style company which is geared towards those who consider their pets as part of the family. Key aspects are fun, all natural ingredients, and energetic lifestyles.
Concept development - illustration - logo design - package design - layout - collateral pieces.

Lush Advertising Campaign

I was tasked with creating an advertising campaign with the goal of introducing the Lush brand to a new college market prior to a new store opening. These ads needed to work across multiple media formats, including posters, web, mailers, and magazine spots. Staying within the long-standing brand identity was imperative. A font mimicking hand lettering was used to bring vitality and a casual vibe to the project.
Concept development - copywriting - market research - art direction - multi-media layout.

Stone Soup Logo Design

Stone Soup is a non-profit group which distributes soup and other necessities to homeless in our area. They needed a simple logo and a website which required little to no maintenance. This was achieved using one color and simple graphics. I also created a few bonus pieces they can use if their budget allows.
Logo creation - illustration - branding - front end web design.