Visual Communications

Megan Marthaler

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I'm an adventurous photographer + videographer specializing in natural light portraits and visual storytelling. My style is very simple. I try to capture those fun filled, candid moments that show my subjects in their most natural element. Aside from snapping photos and recording videos, I love spending my free time in the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, kayaking and swaying in my hammock are just some of the outdoor activities I enjoy. I like to think my professional work reflects my love for the outdoors. I try to capture the natural beauty in every project I take on.

Falling Into Love

A short slideshow showcasing my recent photography work.

"Throat" by Kianalu

“Throat” by Kainalu is a short music video that follows a dancer through an expressive dance routine.

Journey to Miss Wisconsin International: Emma Loney

A short promotional video showcasing Emma Loney, otherwise known as Miss Wisconsin International 2018. This video showcases Emma’s pageant platform as well as how she earned her title as Miss Wisconsin International 2018.

The Art of Calligraffiti

A short film showcasing a local visual artist and his newfound art style. Calligraffiti is a mix between calligraphy and graffiti.

Demo Reel

My demo reel showcases short clips and photography samples from my most recent work.