Graphic Design

Raluca Dan

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Starting out with a solid communications background, my gradual exposure to visual arts led me to pursue a career in graphic design. Through collaboration in photography and multimedia projects, I gained first-hand experience in the creative process. Graphic design education at MATC was a natural step towards being a great storyteller. I love finding new ways of solving complex visual challenges. In telling a compelling story, my work now brings together color, dynamic elements and carefully crafted words. Seeing the world around me and translating all of the relevant aspects into graphics is probably the most interesting driving factor in my strive for design excellence.

Stihl Booklet

My work: concept // layout // photo-treatment
My tools: Photoshop, InDesign, FotoSketcher
As a family-owned business with its roots in forestry, STIHL feels a special responsibility to people and nature. The “Bound to Earth” concept emphasizes the modern individual’s need to connect to the environment; to explore his / her adventurous spirit. “Bound to Earth” is about feeling unbeatable, conquering nature and still bowing to its forces. The concept translates into the hybrid grunge-modern style of the booklet. The double exposure treatment of the photos and the orange overlay want to communicate a sense of nostalgia and introspection.

Pink Album Cover

My work: concept // photo-treatment // layout // typography
My tools: Photoshop
The defiant singer-songwriter Pink released in 2017 a new album, Beautiful Trauma. It is a candid, mature album where she talks about marriage, motherhood, and relationships. Much of the record seems to be a reflection of the idea that there are no picture-perfect lives.The cover reflects the essence of the album. It bears bold imagery achieved by photo manipulation.


My work: concept // layout // icons // table // charts // infographic
My tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
This tri-fold brochure presents heavy information in a fun and engaging way which makes the American Dental Institute a more approachable institution to the public. The design uses vivid colors that appeal to younger audiences. The information is concise and focused on the practices of dental insurance companies.


My work: branding // photography // logo // layout // packaging
My tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Dimension CC, DSLR camera
Sun Legacy Farms branding answers the need for a fresh image of a 100% organic dairy farm business. The design is modern, clean and communicates the exquisite quality of the handcrafted cheese. A variety of print and web branding materials are available to deliver the message: logo, photography, business card, brochure, product packaging, uniforms for personnel, website, fair banner and table tent menu.

Via Colori Poster

My work: concept // photo-treatment // layout // typography
My tools: Photoshop, Adobe Dimension CC
Via Colori is a chalk painting festival, one of Houston’s signature art events, and the only street painting festival in the region. It is an exciting event which raises funds for The Center for Hearing and Speech, a local non-profit that serves children with hearing loss. Over 200 artists gather every year and cover the streets with amazing illustration to celebrate the artistic spirit of Houston.


My work: concept // logo // 3D apartment plans // 3D rendering of apartments interiors // layout // typography
My tools: SketchUp, V-Ray, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Magnolia Bloom Apartment Homes is the result of a self-training in 3D design and software like Sketchup and V-Ray. It was an ambitious project that challenged me not only to learn new 3D design skills but also to art direct from start to finish a comprehensive photo-realistic project. The brochure and stationary exhibit the concept of an eco- friendly, luxury apartment homes complex that I have imagined. The color palette and graphics are refined and organic.