Graphic Design

Nathan Wright

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As a visual person, I have always felt I was molded by the world around me. I’ve always subconsciously evaluated and tailored my environment to give me the most aesthetic pleasure. I believe graphic design has given me the opportunity to extend these practices into my work and not only change the way that I see things, but form the way the world is perceived by everyone.

Milo's Gyros

Milo’s blends the world of authentic Greek cuisine with the youthful, exciting late-night scene of State Street. Located next to the University Bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin, on the edge of campus, Milo’s has a variety of young clients. I used a playful illustration style and quirky themes to appeal to a sense of nostalgia of 90’s animation styles that today’s young adults grew up with, giving this restaurant a look that is unlike any other Greek restaurant.

Hawthorne's Toothpaste

Hawthorne’s is based out of San Diego, California. Hawthorne’s Toothpaste uses all natural ingredients sourced locally and prides itself on being a chemical-free alternative to standard toothpaste. I used colorful photography of ingredients found in the toothpaste arranged in interesting and unexpected ways to emphasize the fresh and natural components of the product, pushing the feeling of freshness that is closely associated with the brand.

Food Not Bombs Brochure

Food Not Bombs is a social movement that started in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1980 by nuclear activists. Food Not Bombs’ primary goal is to end hunger in the world by starting with individual communities. The movement is based on nonviolent social change and doing the right thing even when it’s not in the boundaries of the law. I chose to use rough, handmade collage methods to emphasize that the people doing the ground work are what makes this group so great. Every group is independent, autonomous, and uses the process of consensus to make decisions. The ripped photography combined with cut excerpts gives the brochure and rough quality that matches the revolutionary style of the group itself.