Visual Communications

Mackenzie Mahal

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I’ve been involved in the live streaming community for some time now. I wish I could say that live streaming is just live video, but it’s much more than that. Live streaming is the connection of an individual to their community and the dynamic interactions that it brings. I enjoy not only live streaming but also creating graphics and visuals to further enhance the experience for the community I’ve built up.

What Is Streaming

This first piece has two purposes. It’s first purpose is to describe and inform what Twitch Live streaming is to the viewer. Its second purpose is to show the passion that myself and many others have for this medium of video and the length we’ll go to to become the best we can. URL:

Motion Graphic - Educational Piece

This second piece educates the viewer on what they will need to consider when picking a font for a logo. It conveys its message through voice over and motion graphics alone. URL:

Amazon Logo Animation

This simple piece of animation was meant to showcase smooth and flowing motion.