Graphic Design

Mackenzie Katch

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Through middle school and high school I always enjoyed taking art classes, I found that drawing and painting was a great way to express myself. Starting out in the graphic design program I was worried I wouldn't enjoy it as much but I've found that I've never belonged somewhere more. I enjoy using my artistic talent in a real world application. I've always been attracted to different use of colors and I often find myself experimenting with colors in my designs.

Bourbon Beau's

Bourbon Beau's is a barbecue sauce company that would be located in Louisville, where their bold, tangy flavors would be most appreciated. I designed the branding for the company which includes stationery and collateral. I created and photographed packaging for the brand and used social media to help market the company. To capture the sauce's bold flavors I met the designs with bold, dark colors and a vintage style logo.

Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay is the gate to Door County and is a popular tourist destination. For this project, I designed a campaign for their visitor center which includes lamp post banners, to be hung up; a visitor brochure, which highlights all the best stops; and signage for the visitor center. I was inspired by the town's natural sunlight which was incorporated into most of my designs.

ZuZu's Cafe

Zuzu's cafe is a restaurant located in downtown Madison. It appeals to all kinds of customers because of its modern, fresh look and family-friendly atmosphere. For this project I designed a responsive website that also used my illustration skills. I was inspired by the cafe's bold colors and organic decor.

Radon Awareness Campaign

Radon is natural gas that is emitted from the ground. It is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. My campaign is aimed to be a simple but unexpected solution for raising awareness of this deadly gas. For this project, I created icons and a logo, used photo manipulation, and designed my posters.