Graphic Design

Matt Kammel

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I've always been intrigued by the ways in which we interact with technology, as well as the way those interfaces are designed and the thought processes that go into them. My strong technical background and artistic hobbies came together in recent years when I discovered interface design, and I dove right in. When I'm not pushing pixels around you can usually find me camping or hiking with my dog.


In this branding redesign I focused on the technical aspect of the products, using illustrations and photo treatments to highlight the products and the people using them. Designed website, photo treatments, technical illustrations.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County

For over fifty years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane county has helped adults and children develop positive relationships that have a profound and lasting effect on their lives. With this kinetic type animation, I wanted to portray that feeling of connection in a soft, playful tone while utilizing their current branding.

TLX Technoligies

In this new ad direction for TLX Technologies, I wanted to invoke a technical feel while experimenting with nontraditional layouts while bringing their branding in line with their new website direction. The ads were designed to be modular with the ability to swap images and product renderings easily without disrupting the overall layout. Designed during internship at Astuteo.

Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes

Trying to match the tongue-in-cheek nature of local sales legend Crazy Lenny, I created a dual-use E-Bike handbook and "post-fossil-fuel survival guide" booklet. I tried to capture the feeling of a well-used vintage Boy Scout handbook while utilizing contemporary design principles. Designed logo, set type, modified sourced assets.
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Death is Not A Trophy

In the past decade alone, Central Africa has lost 64% of its elephant population. In this PSA series for the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, I used photo composites to portray the disgusting brutality of the illegal animal trade.


Oakhearth is a concept pizzeria located in Oakland, CA. It strives to revitalizes the communal aspect of the local pizzeria-arcade, serving stone-fired pizza matched with beers from local breweries. Designed branding, collateral, responsive website, and animated logo.