Johnathan Giesecke

Visual Communications

Someone with a passion for learning new things and enjoys digital art, film and video games.

Demo Reel

As in the title, this is a demo reel showcases some of my best shots from across my work. The video covers a wide range of camera work created with both digital cameras and physical cameras. Playing with larger camera movements and framing techniques with the digital cameras, and a more focused and stationary shots with the physical cameras.

  • Skills: Video Editing, Audio Editing, Timing, Framing, Lighting, Pacing
  • Programs: Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft
The Estate

The Estate is a showcase video of a structure created within Minecraft. A primary focus of the piece was timing the visual beats with the beats of the audio. Cutting to a new shot on a beat, or revealing something when the music picks up pace.

Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets is supposed to experiment with camera angles and movement virtually. Using assets and tools from the video game "Grand Theft Auto V." I was able to accomplish and execute camera movements and ideas that would be difficult to recreate with real tools in a real setting.

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