Casey Brant

Graphic Design & Illustration

Hi! I'm Casey. I love design of all kinds, but my favorite designs are the ones that take something complicated and present it in a way that's organized, logical, and attractive. Before enrolling in the Graphic Design program, I spent many years as a software engineer. That technical experience, combined with the awesome training I've received at Madison College, means I'm able to take complex information and tell a compelling story about it to any audience, whether that's in the form of data visualizations, infographics, user interface design, or anything else. My goal is to continue developing connections between my technical and artistic sides while helping people communicate their ideas clearly.
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Panko Packaging

Panko is a great bread crumb with a confusing package. The goal of this redesign is to take the energy of the current boxes and make something a little classier with it. Bright colors, bold lettering, and energetic illustrations catch the eye; on a closer look, clean typography and intricate texturing speak to the high quality of the product within.

  • Skills: Typography, Layout, Illustration, Pattern design
  • Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator
Gottfried Prairie Rebranding

Gottfried Prairie is a small natural prairie restoration project in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. It is dedicated to careful scholarship about and stewardship of Wisconsin's native flora and fauna. This branding refresh emphasizes a thoughtful, hands-on approach, and reflects the vibrancy of nature when it is allowed to flourish.

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Big Ideas App

Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs up kids with adults who can be a positive influence in their lives. Bigs often ask the question: what should we do together? The Big Ideas app answers this question based on a variety of search criteria including location, time, and personal preferences. UI-wise, Big Ideas is clean and logical so you can find an activity and get back to spending time together. Design-wise, the app uses colors, graphical elements, and typography that are natural extensions of BBBS's existing corporate branding.

  • Skills: UI/UX design, Mobile design, Typography
  • Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator
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Catalog Informational Spread

This spread comes from a larger catalog for Stonemaier Games, a board game publisher. The concept for the catalog is "Games For Any Player," highlighting the inclusive nature of the publisher's mission. In this spread I showcase the components of the game Wingspan, emphasizing their high quality and thoughtful design through simple flat-lay photos and graphical call-outs.

  • Skills: Photography, Layout, Typography, Copywriting
  • Programs: Photoshop, InDesign
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