Leng Xiong

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Dream Creations

With this project I was tasked to make a logo and brand of a fictional event planning business. I named the business Dream Creations with the tag line "Creating Dream Events to Last an Eternity."

Buggy Boogie 5K-10K Stroller Run

This was a project I was tasked to make a logo and brand of a fictional event. I chose to do an event walk with strollers and named the event Buggy Boogie.

Forward Theater Posters

Event Posters for different plays performed at Forward Theater Company. Posters was designed for screen print with limited colors.

The Lost Art of Cursive

This is a book page layout designed for “The Grid Thing” an exploration of type topics. It is a collaborative book project we did as a class using a common grid. We were asked to write about type related topics and I’ve chosen to do an article about “Cursive” because I believe it is a dying form of art. The spread was sourced and created by supportive imagery.

Saigon Noodles Rebranding

Logo and branding redesign for a local business. I chose to do Saigon Noodles located in Madison, WI because it's one of my favorite places to eat and felt it needed a logo. I focused on what makes the restaurant popular. Which is "pho" and used the Vietnam colors and star to represent them.

Snowboard Outer Gear Microbook

A microbook I designed and created for Snowboard Outer Gear. It is an informational book that tells the purpose of each gear used in snowboarding.