Thor Rothering

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Debut Home Staging

This branding was done completely from scratch. The starting point was simply a location and business type, in this case a Home Staging Business in downtown Madison. From that point I built up an entire brand philosophy, design, and business model. Shown above are a few pieces done for the project. In addition to these we did, multiple paper and web ads, a functional website, and various promotional pieces ranging from vehicle wraps to packaging.

Eaux Claires

This pieces is a logo and brand design for Eaux Claires Music Festival. Included here are a line-up poster, promotional giveaway (EP Record + Packaging), and a black and white newspaper ad.


This started off as just a logo design project and developed in to a full phone app design. Serac is an app that allows users to search and review hiking and climbing trails near them as well as research possible excursions they may hope to take in the future. Pictured are the logo, two web ads, and various screenshots of the app itself.