National Book Month PSA

I wanted to give two different looks to sell participation in National Book Month. With the first, I chose to use an old Sci Fi pulp cover, treat it with some aging effects, and have fun with the almost hysterical way text appears on their covers. The other poster is a quick hit, an image and text that reiterate each other and add depth to a simple concept present in both designs: However you read, just read.

Grit Brand Vegetable Rubs Identity

I wanted Grit to be simple and fun, a company that embraces its role as an outsider, niche purveyor of a unique product. The logo needed to be quirky and fun, something that made the reader smile.

Redesign of Innova Champion Disc Golf's Product Guide

Innova's product guide needed to reflect its approach to the game of disc golf: A focus on people, on quality and simplicity. To get there, I came up with the concept, "Throw Outside the Lines." Major design elements reflect that throughout and small, biographical sections show the human element of the concept.

Possession, at Acker House: A Game of Horror

I concepted, designed, illustrated, and printed off a complete, playable board game in a semester. To create a consistent visual style, I created an icon system, three unique decks of cards, a game board, and a number of other pieces. A true labor of love, this project allowed me to really dig into how design happens, how, so often, what's possible is limited by what's practical.