The Glass Eye

Branding, identity, and collateral design for a doll shop, atelier, and hospital. The Glass Eye is the doll resource center for the modern doll collector. From unique art dolls, top of the line ball-jointed resin dolls, wigs, eyes, fashions and accessories, to exhibits, workshops and presentations by leading doll artists, the Glass Eye aims to change how people perceive dolls.

Sriracha Ad Series

A print and digital ad campaign for Sriracha hot sauce. With these ads I chose to target a narrower market, namely the men and women who would read a publication such as Wired magazine, who would be familiar with the notion of codes, be it CSS and html or their precursors - people who would be inherently interested in any secret communication. Each ad in the series features a “secret message” written in Sriracha sauce in either binary or Morse code or the fictitious Klingon language, familiar to any serious Star Trek fan.

Cheeky Beaks

Branding, identity and collateral design for an online resource center for parrot lovers and owners. Parrots are inquisitive, opinio! nated, jolly, and highly intelligent animals. Not only is their plumage is colorful, so are their personalities. I wanted my design to reflect that so I chose bold colors and a playful typeface.

Sculpture and 3D Design Selection

A selection of sculptural and 3D pieces. Left to right: a 3D sign promoting a crochet coral reef crafters’ association (foam core, crochet coral, acrylic paint); a pair of harlequin sculptures (wire armature, aluminum foil, sculpey, fabric, acrylic paint); a beaded mask (papier-mâché, beads, wire, celluclay). Sculptural work and 3D design are one of my favorite channels for self-expression. I enjoy the tactile aspect, the craft, the satisfaction of holding a solid, physical object in my hands at the end of the day. Yet most of all I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of my approach to sculpture and fabrication. What can I use to achieve the look of a billowing cloak or gnarled tree bark using everyday objects? Fabric and wood glue? Dental floss and tissue paper? Every project is a new puzzle!