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In Too Deep

Band Poster I created this poster with the idea of being in a bad spot, hence In Too Deep. I wanted to portray this idea with a bit of humor.


DragonQuest is a card game that brings a band of Dwarves through the foothills of the Silver mountains. I started by checking out other fantasy card games to get an idea of layout and illustration. From there, I created sketches of creatures and border treatments. This was a fun project.

Wisconsin River Pirate Run

The Wisconsin River Pirate Run is an event my friends and I do annually. I put this postcard together to illustrate the 10th anniversary.

Army Of Caterpillars

Band Poster Army Of Caterpillars is a collective noun band poster. I had a great time putting this project together. In fact, it was hard to stop once I started.

First Things First

This project went through some drastic changes, with multiple illustrations and fonts.