Katie Kraemer

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The icons detailed here were created to promote an event that takes place in the state of Wisconsin. I chose “Kites Over Lake Michigan” because it offered me an opportunity to create a series of whimsical icons publicizing the event in a visual way. I applied the icons to various merchandise with hopes that the eye-catching designs will increase interest in the event.

Spot Illustrations

These traditional pen and ink drawings were put into a collage to produce a unique illustration for a clothing boutique. I felt that the illustrations paired well with a local boutique called “The Velvet Button”. I applied the collages to shopping bags typically used by boutique shoppers as well as to the shop windows.


These postcards were created as a group project intended to be sold to raise funds for the Graphic Design program. The theme of the postcards is to illustrate an uplifting quote in a unique way that will appeal to consumers. The address side of the postcard was designed by Caryn Smith.