Southern Tier Brewery: Pumpking

This project was a packaging redesign for Southern Tier Brewery. My take on this redesign was to approach it from an illustrative point of view. Through the illustration I was able to bring a spookier vibe for this seasonal brew.

EDP: Electronic Dance Pong

EDP was created from the idea that Madison needed something new and fresh brought to its college nightlife. The idea of cheap beer, dirty bars, and loud jukebox music has been played over and over again, and has become stale. EDP is the answer to that. It is part ping pong parlor, part nightclub, and part music venue. It is a place that you can go to unwind when in need of a study break, as well as the place electronic musics hottest artist will be playing on the weekends.

Record Swap: Madison

Record Swap was a concept birthed out of Madison's great music scene. But I noticed a divide. There are so many great music stores that cater to specific genres and audiences of music. But why keep them so separate? Record Swap is much like the famous Madison Farmers Market in which vendors from all! over the city and surrounding areas can bring their cherished music collections in hopes of selling or trading and enjoying the love for music. It is meant to further unite and bring a great music scene even closer together.