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Cedar Mountain

I was given the task of creating a brand for a "nut based cheese" product, and Cedar Mountain Cashew Nut Cheese was the result of that. Developing the brand was a lengthy process with a lot of revisions to try and find the right name for the company. Things really came together when I thought of the name Cedar Mountain. I developed a mood board based on what images came to mind when thinking about a place called Cedar Mountain. The story began to unfold, and it only made sense for this business to be located in North Carolina near the Smokey Mountain Range. Once I decided on the location, the whole concept for the cheese names came about (each named after a mountain in the Smokey Mountain Range) My next obstacle was developing a logo or mark to accompany the typeface. After many hours of playing around in indesign, the cm mark materialized on my screen- and the brand was fully realized.

Of The Woods

Since I was a young girl I always dreamed of designing clothing, and spent many years drawing and planning in my sketchbooks. I always read that the most successful brands were the ones that were based on the creator’s personal story, and I was on a mission to identify mine. In the summer of 2014, while at my family cabin in Lake of the Woods, Ontario I realized that “Of The Woods” was the perfect name to represent my path, and therefore my brand. I feel the most connected to myself, and the earth when I’m out at the lake- swimming, boating, or just breathing in the smell of the pines. Of the Woods is a state of mind and is also a physical place. People that love the lake and the outdoors share in this bond, and I wanted to represent these people in a way that I hadn’t seen done before. I chose the name because it also felt unisex, which was important to me when creating this line to be worn by both men and women. I want these clothes to be versatile and worn both casually on a boat during the day, and out for drinks at night dressed up with a pair of heels. I’m looking forward to expanding my range of products as soon as I graduate! Please check out the website in the meantime! www.ofthewoodshop.com

Personal Branding

I wanted to include my personal brand in my portfolio because I feel it really represents me well. All of the print materials are unified by two color bars, and a third color created when they overlap at the left corner. This personal branding has been through countless revisions, and I have really utilized suggestions from my instructors and peers while still staying true to my aesthetic and style. The upside down triangle is the alchemical/magical symbol for water, which also symbolizes intuition and the conscious mind. The inverted triangle is also an ancient symbol of femininity. I chose a clean sans serif and paired it with the lovely serif Mrs. Eaves to convey the theme of duality and balance. The shade of green I chose is an energizing and magical color to me, and combining it with dark grey and white is the perfect representation of my personal style: using contrast and monochromatic colors/shades with a bold kicker color.


I wanted to include some more illustrative work that I've done, to balance out the other projects I’ve chosen.

Two girls: These are illustrations I did with the pen tool in Illustrator, and they really represent my actual drawing style. In my illustrations I love using lots of color, and creating cool edgy little characters.

Stinky Snake & Lida Blue illustration: The tree house and ferret were hand drawn illustrations, and then brought into Photoshop to be colorized. The Lida Blue character was created in Photoshop, with the paint brush and pen tools. The background was the result of a few textures manipulated in Photoshop as well.

Into The Woods: Is a poster created for the play Into The Woods. I drew the birch tree's and eyes in illustrator and put it all together in Photoshop. Manifesto: This poster was created in Indesign and is an interesting departure from my usual work.