Rogue Brewery Label

This layout illustrates my process of creating a beer label for Rogue Brewery. My process started with sketching and refining my concept down to the final artwork. Using my final design, I created several applications in which to apply my work.

3D - Invasion Series

This layout illustrates my ability to create 3D digital imagery. It started with many sketches and colored pencil illustrations. Then I finished by building the ships in the 3D program. The images were part of a series I developed to tell a story of the invasion of an evil robotic civilization, out to overthrow earth.

Rock Lake Creature

The legend of the Rock Lake Creature sited back in 1869 was my inspiration behind this wet on wet painting I created of Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. I used the finished painting as a backdrop in a photo shoot, using my hand tied “Pike Flies” as the subject. I found the brilliantly colored flies, look stunning with the water colored lake map as their backdrop. The two pieces of art accented one another perfectly.

Fish House Menu

In the creation of this layout, I tried to incorporate the use of small icons within the body copy to designate the menu’s food category. I choose a font that has a relaxed fun feel to it. I felt this would be a good choice to resonate the good atmosphere of a Wisconsin Style, “Friday Night Fish Fry”.

Wisconsin Tourism Ad

This Wisconsin ad illustrates my ability to create vector based imagery. I created this poster with the idea of giving it a colorful fall feeling by using an analogous color pallet. With fishing being a favorite hobby of mine, it was easy to be enthusiastic about developing this poster and making it my own.

Poster Montage

Here are a few other examples of the posters and illustrations I have done. Some are done using 3D software and others are vector based. I love the challenge of trying to create artwork, being given an idea or a concept. Developing a finished piece of art has many steps that seem to fit together like puzzle pieces. When it all comes together at the end, you get a great feeling of accomplishment. Every single project has a new set of experiences waiting to unfold.