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As a part of my internship with Stoughton Hospital marketing and public relations department, I was tasked with creating and laying out the Community Health Needs Assessment for 2016-2018.  This experience gave me the opportunity to create a multi-page document and incorporate data, charts and graphics.  This client driven project developed my discussion, client interaction and design interpretation skills.
The production of this video highlights my interest in animal friendship and emotional support.  This interview focuses on Shane and his new puppy Diesel.  The skills involved in shooting “A Man’s Best Friend” include interview set up: audio recording and mic placement, coaching my talent and how to use b-roll and music for storytelling.
This photo collage is just a taste of my photography.  I included nature, animal and senior high school pictures because those are the three areas of photography which I enjoy most.  Through photography, I have learned and developed composition via the rule of thirds, coaching and directing talent, and over composition.