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As a child I always loved creating things with my own two hands. In the Visual Communications program I have been fulfilling my need to create. Through the ViComm program, I’ve learned a great deal about multiple aspects of communicating from static and interactive design to video and audio production to working in a team with a client. I enjoy doing a little bit of everything, but I recently discovered my love of Adobe After Effects. The best thing about what I’m doing is that I love every part of creating content – from start to finish.
My demo reel features a little bit of my work featuring some of my video projects that includes interviews, scenery shots, and After Effects animation.
Kowabunga Comics is a store located downtown of Oconomowoc, WI. As a patron of the store, I wanted to help bring in new customers and highlight why this is one of the best places a geek (or anybody who loves comics) can visit. I worked with the store to script, shoot and edit this piece. Video edited in Premiere Pro, Animated intro created in After Effects.
This kinetic typography piece was created for my motion graphics class. I wanted the typography to have the same feel and energy of Tablo\'s song - Dear TV. Created in Adobe After Effects.
6Z Media started as an inside joke in one of my classes in the ViComm program. No more boring Liz with 1 z, I had become Lizzzzzz with 6 z’s! This is a compilation of some of the animations I have created using 6Z Media as the focal point. Created in Adobe After Effects and video copilot Element.
Some examples of photography from a trip I took to California.