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Andrew R.

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Born in Madison WI before moving to Sun Prairie in 2005, I have had a very strong connection to films as a child. When I discovered that students were being taught how to use video editing software in class, that triggered a burning passion to develop and create my own films. Since then, I have studied every technique about film as best as I could, and I learned a great deal about the technical details on
Taken on the 4th of July of 2015 in my backyard, this image illustrates a brilliant display of light with the use of F-stop and aperture.
As a lighting exercise in a studio at MATC, this golden watch is not only captured in light and shadow, but time as well.
A pair of winning smiles from the 2015 summer final assignment in Digital Photography; David on the left will graduate from Whitewater this year as I graduate from MATC.
During the summer of 2015, the Digital Photography class took a field trip to Olbrich Gardens for a landscape shot assignment. This image is the centerpiece of wider shot.
Written, directed, shot, and re-recorded by me in Spring 2016 for Digital Video and Editing, our final assignment was to create a short film to be told visually and auditorily. This film was inspired by events in my girlfriend’s life.
A motion graphics video that follows the evolution of how people received the news, how the printing press changed the way we’ve gotten information before the advent of the internet.