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My name is Bryce Witt, and I'm a student here at MATC. While I have loved art and drawing my entire life, attending the Graphic Design program here has taught me many things about myself. Not only have I become a better designer, but I've realized that I have a passion for great and unique design. When making something, it is important to make it your own - making a piece that looks like nothing anyone has ever seen before is important to me. Design clichés are tiring! Even in the realm of modern design that is considered "great work", I found myself yawning over the lack of creativity. If you're going to design and be an artist in today's market, you need to approach it full-steam-ahead with your head down. I've learned that if a million people hate a piece you made, you may yet found a thousand that absolutely love it and will go nuts for it. When I enter the field, I'm ready to turn some heads.
This ad series was made with two things in mind – beauty and decay. Using the brilliant photography skills of Atlanta Gassman, I created this series using a model wearing Urban Decay makeup in various poses. Using a purple backdrop, I wanted to emphasize the eyes of the model and create a bright and beautiful shop against a rough background. The resulting ads reflect the contrast I was aiming to create.
In the world of metal music – there are no limits. Organized chaos, loud colors, and aggressive type rule the design realm. Using elements of design critical to each band I focused on, I created rough and abrasive posters that look hectic, but still follow a hierarchy. Metal is an incredibly deep scene. Posters need to be eye-grabbing, and reflect the chaos that lies in the realm of all of these bands.
Hillside Greenery was a tough project for two reasons: we were given the concept of our business randomly, and designing for an herbal company was completely foreign to me. We were given a massive amount of in-class time to chip away at these branding projects – while I kept working I kept discovering new ways to design. When I finally reached the finish line, I discovered that I have the ability to design for something I am not familiar with. Research and hard work pays off. Hillside Greenery is a project I hope to make incredible and is something that continually challenges me.
A brand booklet was something I always looked forward to creating. When this project was introduced, I approached it from an angle that wasn’t appropriate for Adidas. I was stumbling with the design and kept making pages that looked dull and outdated. Through a lot of review and nonstop work, I found that using huge bold colors can work on a project. Not only did it bring the entire book to life, but I was able to discover new ways to create. Color is something you should not be afraid of; somethings the simplest solutions will make a great design.
Skull Blade first came to me a while back. After making a skateboard-format design in illustration, I realized that the piece had potential. Not only was it on scratchboard, but it was full of marks and very eye-catching. Skating was something I was very into as a kid – and I am still ever interested in the design of skating today. Companies make brands that always have terrific design. When it comes to skating, you can almost do no wrong. The crazier and more active design, the more you will pull in a cult following – not limited to people who actually skateboard.