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My enjoyment with artsy stuffs began as a child, always doodling and creating magnificent works of art curated for valuable family fridge space. As an adult, this ultimately blossomed into a deep appreciation and love for graphic design. After beginning my career in a corporate marketing and advertising position, I got a glimpse into the world of graphic design, and from that moment, I couldn't get enough. Leaving that position to return to school to pursue my passion of graphic design was the best decision I've made.
CropUp Community Farmers Market is a concept for a farmers market located in Seattle, Washington. The business concept, logo, and collateral items aim to show CropUp as a fun, inclusive company. The brand identity that I designed employs a bright, exciting color scheme paired with clean, simplistic design.
How do you create a social media campaign relatable for a beef jerky company? The campaign I created for Lucky Beef Jerky shows off how their products travel with you everywhere and is a staple item for all of life’s adventures. The accompanying booklet design gives the brand a handmade, rustic feel.
These bright, kid friendly ocean animals were hand drawn and colored as a pattern for baby clothing. I designed these patterns maintaining three unified color schemes which have been applied to a variety of baby items.