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Starting off my college debut at UW-La Crosse, I was almost positive I wanted a career in Healthcare. Feeling an intense need for a career that is a creative outlet, I moved back to my hometown to attend Madison College for Graphic Design.  Design, to me, is an extremely powerful way to communicate your ideas to the public. I want to be able to make an audience laugh, smile, cry, understand a concept, think deeply, ignite change, or simply entertain them through my work. Aside from creating, you can find me channeling my inner superwoman at the gym, singing wildly to music in my car, or eating a large bowl of cereal with a very, very tiny spoon.
Not allowing "that's so gay" to be a term of negativity any longer, I was inspired to create an app that embodies pride. My app design is cheery and lighthearted, encouraging anyone, no matter how they identify, to use it.
Motion graphic:
Since I seem to spend all of my time here, I wanted to create a design that reflected the heart and soul of this business that I care so much about. Using gender neutral colors, I was inspired to create a clean, energized, and sporty rebranding of this fitness and wellness club.
Calling attention to the mistreatment of the World\'s most beautiful creatures is something I feel very passionately about. I morphed the endangered animals with an element that represents one of the reasons they are being poached to create this PSA series.
I art directed the photoshoot for my sugar skull candy dish design and used pixie stix, glue, crushed up candy, and glitter to create my photographed handlettering. The two projects fell together in a perfectly sickeningly sweet match made in heaven.