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I am constantly trying to figure out who I am, as a designer, a creative thinker and nerd. I believe that developing as a designer is a never-ending train ride (I love trains!). I have more recently discovered my passion for motion graphics and have on more than one occasion looked up at the clock and realized my Saturday night has come and gone while exploring After Effects, and I loved every minute of it!
This sampling of a social media campaign embraces the fun and casual vibe of Dunkin' Donuts using bright illustration and snappy motion graphics across a responsive variety of formats.
Daily Routines is a system of icons and pictograms designed to facilitate everyday actions in the life of a child with autism. The system flows between digital, print and wall display applications to guide the user through specific steps. This set focuses on breaking down daily hygiene tasks for a broad range of development levels.
Sassy Cow Creamery is a local organic and traditional dairy invested in family, quality and creative products. This rebrand brings their look in line with the feel and mission of the company.
Rain or Shine Umbrellas is a mom and pop high-end NYC boutique. This product brochure takes a walk through the happy side of a rainy day.