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Anthony—a "designastrator" originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin—is currently working part-time as a graphic designer for the University of Wisconsin Extension, CEOEL (Continuing Education and Online E-Learning). Anthony also works as a freelancer for big names like: guy next door, stranger who added him on Snapchat, and his grandma’s cat.
For this project, I had an amazing opportunity to art direct a photoshoot, and through collaboration with a photographer, bring to life a concept that I came up with from scratch. In this PSA, I wanted to put a visual to the idea that we don’t often take the initiative to learn about what we consume, and over time this can potentially harm us—like swallowing a knife. I had a lot of fun collaborating and watching this piece come to life—from a mass of lighting examples and chicken scratch sketches to a beautiful piece of advertisement.
This piece was inspired by the band Cheat Codes. I don’t know about you, but when I hear “cheat codes,” I think of video games. When I think of video games, I think of where it all started: 8-bit. “GET ME AN ‘80S MAC STAT,” I yelled to no one. I wanted to play with the idea of music files being stored on a floppy disc. Surprisingly without any struggle, I found a floppy disc and decided to go ahead and spray paint it. Keeping in tradition of being a cool kid, I applied stickers as a decorative element and honed my Photoshop skills.
My illustration process starts as hand drawn sketches. I then cover the drawing with a sheet of tracing paper and briefly redraw to correct any unwanted blemishes. After scanning all the pieces of the drawing into the computer, I take them into Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator, I again trace the image—this time digitally. In the past, I have been more comfortable digitally coloring my illustrations in Photoshop, but like any good nerd, I am constantly trying new programs and techniques. When I draw, I get the opportunity to share my world with others, and I hope that world makes you smile. Thank you Penny! I really appreciate it!