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Former science nerd. Current enthusiastic graphic design student. Future professional graphic design all-star.
Concept for responsive web design for Lazy Jane’s Cafe in Madison, WI. I wanted to create visually engaging website that accurately captured the aesthetic of the quirky cafe. Just as the cafe itself feels like a house, I laid out the website so that each floor is a different page.
Three part print series to promote awareness of the use of animal testing by many common household brands. Cruelty Cutter is a campaign to empower the consumer to shop cruelty free.
An ad campaign for Kotex encouraging women to celebrate their womanhood. Inspired by Millennial Pink and rising female empowerment, I aimed to tastefully present something often considered taboo in a beautiful way.
La Pulga, meaning “the flea”, is a new take on an indoor, year-round urban flea market. Located on East Washington with the Madison community in mind, La Pulga’s carefully curated local vendors make it a one stop shop. With everything from local meats to an art gallery, it really is the place “where art and food feed you.”