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The goal was to create a responsive website that was tailored to a specific business. When creating concepts I wanted to make a site that would feel warm and cozy. With a bit of handmade elements and illustrative design, I created a site that would be fit for a warm pair of socks
Paper Guitar illustration was built using foam core and Mi-Teintes paper. Wire strings were added to give it a more realistic look. Then the sculpture was photographed. As time progressed I wanted to find a way to pair it with the Gretsch Custom Guitar Shop. So I cut out Mi-Teintes paper another time, this time I created hand illustrated typography to pair it with the sculpture. The goal was to show how the custom shop creates these guitars by hand with excellent craftsmanship and skill.
Travel, art history, and letterpress are a few of my favorite things. This book combines my love of art and language. Each page has hand drawn illustrations mixed with delicate watercolor on top of the letterpressed art. There are unique design elements throughout the piece. Some include a die cut placed in the center of the cover, as well as a fold out map of Italy with callouts of each architectural location.
These album covers were created to be cohesive with one another. The idea was to have one style for the bands album covers, but the content of each album cover would differ. The album covers were created using bristol and watercolor paper. Each cover has six layers of paper that were carefully cut to layered to create the feeling of depth, 3-Dimension, and diffusion of light. They were then photographed and the album name and group was added digitally.