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As a kid, I loved the feeling of a fresh pack of markers and a sharp many possibilities! I still feel this way when starting a new project. After beginning a career in education, I realized that my passion to create was going unfulfilled and this led me to pursue graphic design and illustration. I love the creative challenge of communication and enjoy combining old and new techniques to make my work.
Forge is a small custom jewelry workshop whose focus is on using pure materials and timeless design. I developed a logo and brand elements based on these core values.
Bright, refreshing, and on-the-go describe the Cuties Citrus brand well. To enhance their identity, I developed the concept and art directed a photo shoot for this ad campaign that could be used across both digital and print platforms.
Penzeys spices has a reputation for creating high-quality, authentic, and all-natural spices. For this brand booklet redesign, I enjoyed creating handmade elements and researching recipes that could accompany their product.
TDS Custom Construction is a local Madison small business with a focus on sustainability and historic preservation. My goal for this website design was to create blueprint illustrations to communicate that TDS is building forests and clean air by using sustainable construction methods.